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Miles Prower
Goeie avond!! Is er iemand die mijn belangrijke brief proeflezen kan? Het is maar 'n paar paragrafen lang, maar het is echt belangrijk om helemaal perfect, en er zijn te veel bijzinnen en modaalwerkwoorden voor mij weten wat daar gebeurt.

Dank jullie wel!!

Translation help?
Hi, I don't know if this is appropriate to post here, but how would I say the phrase "true love"?

Thank you so much for the help! If this isn't appropriate here, I'm so sorry! :/

I haven't yet got my head around word order or "te"
Me & Julia
In these two sentences I wrote for an e-mail to accompany the stupid kauwgom poster, is the word order correct? And if not, why not? I'm getting confused by the use of verb clusters in subordinate clauses. In the first, the indirect object position is also causing een hoofdpijn. Enormous thanks to anyone who can offer clarification :)

We hebben gedacht dat U misschien toestimming aan ons verlenen zou een reclamecampagne te starten. We hopen dat als we aan de studenten over universiteitstrots vertellen, dan zullen we een vermindering van de kauwgomvlekken zien.

Dag sinterklaasje
Dag allemaal! I'm so happy that this community exists! Even voorstellen- I'm a British recent graduate of German with Dutch. I fell in love with the Dutch language 5 years ago when I was 17, and we've been in a very happy relationship ever since (the same can't be said about my slightly love-hate relationship with German). Mijn Nederlands is soms een beetje verduitst, en ik doe heel veel code-switching tussen het Engels, Nederlands en Duits, but I like code-switching so I think that's OK as long as everyone understands. My obsessions include the Low German dialect, which is a bit like Dutch, for which I've made a (currently fairly empty) community!

German and Dutch -- False Friends?
snoopy: woodstock "Dear LJ"
shear_logic just posted a cool link to a Dutch grammar page which reminded me that I wanted to ask...

It probably sounds silly but... are any of you rather competent in Dutch and German? I know people, especially if they're not native in one of them, tend to overemphasize their similarity but, well, they are closely related.
I was wondering if the differences are mainly about their phonology and of semantics/pragmatics...

Are there striking differences in terms of syntax? I mean, from what I can tell, they both use the same basic word order and all that. They seem to have the same tenses, though I'm not sure about their use.

Are there any things I (as a native German) should look out for when learning Dutch?

Translation Check
OK, I might as well get the ball rolling here, although I feel bad to be the first one posting a question :)

My textbook has asked me to compose a 100 word poster to university students telling them to stop dropping chewing gum around their campus (it's also asked me to write an e-mail highlighting the problem to higher university powers but I haven't done that one yet, eep!) but I would struggle to do this in English. Would anyone mind taking a look? I'm not expecting someone to painstakingly correct it, but a quick gloss would be very much appreciated :)

Ben je iemand die...Collapse )

Hey hey :)
batman: speechless...
Wow, I just love the idea of this community.

I just moved to the Netherlands, Nijmegen to be specific, to do my PhD in Psycholinguistics. I'm German, fluent in English, so you'd think that Dutch would come naturally but it so does not. ;)
I'm taking Dutch for Beginners right now (for those of you who are familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, it'd be A1, so verrry basic) as my supervisor wants me to be able to interact with "normal people". 

I'm quite excited bout this comm, I hope it'll flourish! :D

Welkom allemaal!!

Since I'm new to this whole moderating malarky, I'd just like to point out that standard rules are going to be enforced, but outside of that, anything goes, as long as it relates to your study of Dutch, or a friendly introduction. I'll put a few housekeeping rules on the userinfo.

As for me, I'm a third year Medicinal Chemistry student from the north of England. I'm learning Dutch a) because it's cool, b) to supplement my German studies and c) because I'm hoping to live in the Netherlands next summer. I also speak a bit of French. I like the words belangrijk, uw and creëen.

Have fun everyone! :)


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