Een Gemeenschap voor de Nederlandse Taal

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tom_mouse wrote in nederlandsetaal
Welkom allemaal!!

Since I'm new to this whole moderating malarky, I'd just like to point out that standard rules are going to be enforced, but outside of that, anything goes, as long as it relates to your study of Dutch, or a friendly introduction. I'll put a few housekeeping rules on the userinfo.

As for me, I'm a third year Medicinal Chemistry student from the north of England. I'm learning Dutch a) because it's cool, b) to supplement my German studies and c) because I'm hoping to live in the Netherlands next summer. I also speak a bit of French. I like the words belangrijk, uw and creëen.

Have fun everyone! :)

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Would that be "creëren"?

Good luck!

Yes, what a stupid typo! :) thanks

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Hopelijk anderen denken op dezelfde manier en deelnemen aan de community :)

Hi Tom! I'm a Dutch native speaker. If you need any help, let me know!

Bedankt :) Dat is een leuk aanbod.

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