Een Gemeenschap voor de Nederlandse Taal

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Dag sinterklaasje
72stroopwafels wrote in nederlandsetaal
Dag allemaal! I'm so happy that this community exists! Even voorstellen- I'm a British recent graduate of German with Dutch. I fell in love with the Dutch language 5 years ago when I was 17, and we've been in a very happy relationship ever since (the same can't be said about my slightly love-hate relationship with German). Mijn Nederlands is soms een beetje verduitst, en ik doe heel veel code-switching tussen het Engels, Nederlands en Duits, but I like code-switching so I think that's OK as long as everyone understands. My obsessions include the Low German dialect, which is a bit like Dutch, for which I've made a (currently fairly empty) community!

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Lid! Ja, ik denk dat was de woord. :D

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